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GN Charitable Trust

Guru Nitya Charitable Trust came into existence in the year2003. The main objective is to give children education. By education we mean total education, feeding the mind, life and body. Guru Nitya was committed to the reformation of present education system in a radical way. Adhering to the philosophy of Narayanaguru and following the methods of Nataraja Guru he made an extensive survey in the field of education system, followed in the different universities and schools at different parts of the world. The findings of the survey and reformations essentials in various premises were exhaustively suggested in various books written by Guru Nitya in his books on education. It is for translating the vision of Guru Nitya in the modern world GN Charitable Trust was established. Guru Nitya school is one of the organs of GN Charitable Trust. The objectives are to empower the financially backward women and widows through vocational training and guiding them to form cottage industries and supporting them in trade and commerce. Another objective is to guide the youth to become self sufficient entrepreneurs. Other objects are to support the old and destitute, to give assistance in food, shelter and clothing, to train physically and mentally challenged people, to preserve and maintain the old water reservoirs and wells, to plant preserve the traditional tree like banayan tree, neem, jack fruit trees, njaral, mango tree etc. The Trust is also giving food to all children in the Guru Nitya School.

Guru Nitya International School Concept

A group of followers of Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati manifested the educational ideals through Guru Nitya School, giving equal importance to mother tongue.

The school is situated in a calm and serene atmosphere with abundant availability of pure air and water. A beautiful garden paves the way to the school. Cinamon, jackfruit, mango, Coconut, cashew, trees with climbers are spread over in the campus. The buildings conform to the traditional Kerala style and beautifully blend with the surrounding landscape. Spacious class rooms accommodating only 30 students, and conventional seating arrangements. Open-air class rooms, Special electronic- class rooms are the highlight of the school.

Punctuality, cleanliness, moral values, respect, brotherhood, hospitality, co-operation is given more significance

Art, craft, music, clay modelling, will provide a stress free atmosphere and a deviation from the abuse of electronic gadgets.

Well qualified and trained teachers with caretakers, nurture the children with love and care. Fully computerised modern software system gives accuracy to the administrative wing Medicated water, food-grains, leaves, sprouts, roots, vegetables, creates healthy food habit.

Cooking experience in snacks and curries with turmeric and pepper brings back the wisdom of our ancestors

Clear listening, loud reading, neat writing and basic learning is instilled in every students

Spacious play grounds for foot-ball, volley-ball, kho-kho, kabadi, lazium drill, kalari and athletics- shapes the physical culture. CBSE is determined to implement this in every affiliated school