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Academic Sessions and Fee Structure


Academic Session is from 1st May to 30th April and is divided in to terms for payment of fees
Fee Remittance - Fee can be remitted in 4 installments
I     Installment     March -advance
II     Installment     June
III     Installment     September
IV     Installment     December
Office hours 9.30 am to 5.00 pm. Fee remittance only till 1.30 pm

The parent’s attention is drawn on following school rules:

  1. First term fee should be paid at the time of 10th March and second term fee on or before 10th June.
  2. Parents are requested to pay the fees before due date.
  3. Reminder for the school fee will not be issued to parents.
  4. If the fees and other dues are not paid by above stipulated date, penal charges of Rs 250/- will be charged per weeks delay for a maximum of 4 weeks. If the fees is not paid within one month from due date with penal charges ,the parent will be asked to withdraw the child(ren) or alternatively the name of the child(ren) struck off from the school rolls.
  5. Withdrawal of students from the regular roll:
  6. Once admission is granted, the fee paid will not be refunded or transferred, if the parent decides not to continue education of his child in the school. In the case, if you are planning to shift your children from the school , you are requested to apply for Transfer Certificate on or before February 2019. NOC(No Objection Certificate) should be obtained before applying for the Transfer Certificate. Kindly be informed that ,from our side we ensure you that the children will not be put under , in any kind of mental pressure with regard to the remittance of fee.


Special Fee PA 3500 3800 3800 4000 4500
Establishment Fee PA 2400 2400 2800 2800 2800
Tuition Fee 4T 4400 4400 4400 4650 4800
Total   10300 10600 11000 11450 12100
4T (4 Term)       PA-Per-Annum

Activity Expenses:- Sports day - Rs 100, Spiritual day - Rs 50,Arts day – Rs 200, Annual day – Rs 1000, Picnic- Rs 600, Farming - Rs 150, Home Science - Rs 100,Kalari – Rs 600(3 terms), Smart class/Digital class and insurance Instant photographs ,CD will be extra from the fee structure.

  1. Special Teachers will be giving classes for - Music, Chess, Clay Modelling, Handi Craft, Home Science, Lazim Drill, Band Set, Tailoring, Agriculture, Kalari.
  2. Available Musical Instruments : Tabala, Key Board, Violin, Harmoniyam
  3. We provide - Out door study trip, Instant Photo Graphs, CD, Compulsory Healthy Food Services, etc.